DNA Testing


We are one of the leading providers of paramedical examinations with a national network of paramedical professionals who are actively involved in making the entire examination and specimen collection process run smoothly and efficiently

Our paramedical examiners have the knowledge and expertise to conduct accurate and timely medical tests for underwriting purposes. We provide insurance carriers and brokerages with timely, fact-based information so they can make more informed underwriting decisions.

We began providing quality paramedical examinations and medical services to insurance carriers and brokerages three decades ago. Today, we operate over 230 offices nationwide. In addition, our mobile service capability allows us to service more than 15,000 cities and towns across the United States, as well as many outlying and remote areas.

We offer quick, convenient access to our unmatched paramedical services through EMSIOnline, our user-friendly, technologically- advanced website. With our enterprise document management system, ECHO, clients can access electronic images of completed exams, inspections and attending physician statements (APS) online.

Our credentialed examiners deliver quality service and personal attention to each applicant. Our strict training and certification guidelines, along with continued quality control, means only highly qualified and courteous professionals work with applicants.

Paramedical Services
  • Mobile Examinations
  • Application Part II Examinations
  • Specimen Collection
  • Physical Examination
  • Branch Locations